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Hi, I am an R&D Eng. Interested in Android application, flutter and machine learning. you can reach me here :

The Widget Source code at the end.


I saw this as an animation on Lottie and decided to convert it to a new flutter animations widget, so let’s see how to do that.

Before start reading this article, if you have experience using flutter CustomPaint please skip to the second part of the article (The arcs).

Let’s start with drawing two circles


If you don’t have access to a MacOS system, but still want to see your flutter app on an IOS device without using paid services or virtual machines then this article is for you.

IOS build without MacOS

We will use it’s an “FREE” online IDE for Flutter. And probably this is the…

Floor provides a neat SQLite abstraction for your Flutter applications inspired by the Room persistence library. It comes with automatic mapping between in-memory objects and database rows while still offering full control of the database with the use of SQL

Floor Database

You can save, query and, delete your Objects in a…

There are many flutter widgets to implement search feature just like in Android, yet there is a simpler way to implement this using flutter SearchDelegate class which gives you almost all that you want in only 4–5 simple steps so let’s see what we can do with this

Flutter search

We will…

Ezaldeen sahb

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